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Age considers, youth ventures.

We are a non-profit worldwide blog platform devoted to building a community of young professionals, academics and entrepreneurs, from different cultures and locations, that are willing to share their perspectives on the business and academic world around them.

The Youngsday community is committed to being change-makers through information and opinion sharing.

Anyone willing to add value to our community is more than welcome!



1) Youngsday is a non-profit community and will always be free.

Youngsday is a social initiative to help youth start giving back to the community before it is too late. Since our purpose is to have youth contribute, financially and socially to the society, users will always have free access to the articles.

2) All authors of Youngsday are between the age of 20-30

This community is organized by young people to create a platform of sharing information, ideas and experiences of young academics, professionals and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, authors who would like to contribute to our cause as alumni, are more than welcome to do so once they are 30 years of age.

3) Youngsday aims to keep the percentage of authors living in the same city at a very low rate

Diversity of location is the key for Youngsday to be able to get more information and different perspectives on one subject or field.

4) Youngsday aims to keep the percentage of authors of the same nationality at a very low rate

This principle is to guarantee what Youngsday stands for: international perspectives on the same fields, professions and news.

5) Youngsday has a neutral political stand

We want to keep this platform free of any specific political discussions as we believe that there are enough platforms on the internet that enable such discussions. As a community, all we have in common is the vision of a better world.

6) New articles will be published only on Youngsday (= Wednesday)

One of the keys that makes us different is that our articles are published on Wednesdays only (considering different time zones, it might be Tuesday for some countries) This is because of the reasons below:

1) We are aware that our authors are busy with their occupations, and we don’t want to be an obstacle in their professional productivity.

2) Wednesday falls in the middle of the working week, making it ideal to give our target visitors something to look forward to during the week.

3) We want one specific day of a week to belong to us.

7) Donations are determined by Youngsday coordinators and the authors that fulfilled 6 months of authorship

In addition to the intellectual contribution to society, Youngsday will also promote financial contribution including several social funding activities via donation banners on web site.These activities will be mainly about:

1-) International causes

2-) Topics that mostly concern children or young adults

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