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8 elements to use in a content brief template (part 3)

Hello everyone!

Have you read the first piece and the second piece of articles of this series?

In this piece, I will tell you more about customer profiling and touch-point requirements

1) Customer profiling: The rationale behind this section is to provide the agency with the segments (mostly demographics based, rather than behavior or need based) related to your content in order to ensure the right targeting and right language

  1. Target group age: Depending on what business you are running and what type of clustering you should have, you can have check box for 5-6 options (e.g. <14, 15-17, 18-25, 26-35, 36-55, >55)
  2. Gender
  3. Nationality: Again, depending on your business, you can group the nationalities in 3-4 check box (e.g. “nationality of the country where you operate”, “Asian”, “European” etc..)
  4. Income level: As a client, you don’t necessarily need to indicate a number for this section. What you do is, you can provide 6 options to the agency. (very low, low, medium/low, medium, medium/high, very high”
  5. Type of customer: This section should cover your target audience based on their “behavior” or lifestyle. (e.g. families, corporate, early tech. adopter, teenage hip and trendy, foody, fashionista, SME, young professionals etc..) If you want to be aligned with TV, you can use their affinity profiles. (That’s what Google also started in Adwords)
  6. “Describe customer in your words”: Sometimes the information above would be insufficient. Or you might believe that you can express what type of audience you need better than the above. For such cases, you should have a text box.

2) Touch-point requirements: In case if you have multiple digital touch-points, managed by the same agency, these below are what you might need as check box so that they can understand whether they should adjust the content based on multiple channels/platforms


  1. Corporate website
  2. App
  3. Web portal
  4. E-kiosk
  5. Microsites (this should have a text box additionally so that you can indicate which microsites you need to include)
  6. Other (again, with a text box)

Locations on the channels: Which sections or pages or links are eligible for this content request?

  1. Sections (with a text box)
  2. Pages  (with a text box)
  3. Links (with a text box)

Next article will be the last one, and it will cover main content sections and content health check criteria.

Orkun Basaran

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