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8 elements to use in a content brief template (part 2)

Please read the first article of the series (here)

As you have seen, I had explained the first 2 elements of a content brief template. Let’s continue with the other elements:

3) Strategy:

  • Marketing/Business Objectives: Primary and secondary objectives for the business should be specified (in a tick box). Examples would be acquire/gain market share, retain customers, communicate innovation, increase sales, increase usage etc..
  • Communication Objectives: Primary and secondary objectives for the communication should be specified (in a tick box). Examples would be create interest, maintain relationship with customer, push specific action, build awareness, enhance knowledge, create conviction etc..
  • Customer’s Benefit: There should be a place where the “why customer would be interested?” question is answered by mentioning benefits etc..
  • Key messages: Short, specific and concrete key messages should be communicated with the agency through this section. Key messages should be splitted into “primary message” and “secondary message” and it should be provided in order of priority such as:
  1. Priority 1: Appears on all channels and in SMS, Twitter, and Facebook
  2. Priority 2: Appears only on Website and Mobile Site
  3. Priority 3: Appears only on Website body copy (long version)
  • Additional elements to be in execution: It needs to be specified if a logo, a website or a disclaimer will be used in the content.
  • Theme: Company should also mention if the communication is thematic driven (e.g. national day, religious holiday, back to school etc.)
  • Call to action: Desired response from the customer should be explained. (e.g. visit, call, subscribe now, buy now etc.) There should be a box next to each call to action option so that marketing communication explains the desired response in detail.

In my next articles, I will explain customer profiling, touch-point requirements and content form itself. Stay tuned!


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Orkun Basaran

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