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16 Books every (young) Entrepreneur should read

Christmas is just around the corner. That means lots of time to step up your game and read some more books! In case you don’t have any plans  yet (and a few hours left to read), I wrote a list with the best books for entrepreneurs I’ve read so far. I read a lot more but those were definitely the best ones…  

ReworkA different and refreshing way of looking at entrepreneurship, work and the current hype out there. 

Essentialism The disciplined pursuit of less.

Smartcuts How hackers, innovators, and icons accelerate success.

Choose YourselfHow to not get nuts as an entrepreneur!

Show Your WorkCreating things and getting noticed are two completely different things…

Predictable RevenueThe title says it all. Awesome read by the guy that built into a 100mn+ revenue enterprise

The Education of Millionaires: Everything you won’t learn in college about how to be successful.

The Lean StartupA classic in startup education. A must read for everyone that wants to know how to build a product in the ever changing environment we live in today.

The Obstable is the WayThe timeless art of turning trials into triumph.

The Ultimate Sales Machine: Get it and turbocharge your business! No questions asked…

The Perfectly Executed Startup:  My book for all early stage founders out there and people that want to start a company. Based on years and years of work in the startup scene and as founder.

Burning EntrepreneurBurn baby burn!

Jab, Jab, Right Hook: Storytelling and deal closing on steroids.

The Personal MBAThis is the bible for people that don’t want to waste money on an MBA…

Rich Dad Poor Dad How do rich people think and how do they teach it to others.

Confessions Of An EntrepreneurWelcome to the dark/true side of being an entrepreneur. Read the stuff people don’t talk about. Written by yours truly…

What are your top reads for Entrepreneurs?! 

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Yann Girard
Yann is an Entrepreneur that has worked on both sides of the table. He has started, advised and supported several startups throughout the world and has lived and worked in China, New York and Germany. He has worked together with several accelerators and incubators in Europe and the US. Yann supported them and their teams in the area of sales, business development, growth and personal branding. He is also a frequent speaker at some of Europe's most renowned entrepreneurship institutions and universities. His work was featured and supported by several entrepreneurship outlets throughout the world. Yann also advises a handful of tech and non-tech startups.

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