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The craziest (and most inspiring) person I’ve ever met

This guy must have been the craziest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. It was a hostel somewhere in Poland. I had just arrived after an exhausting train ride.

He was lying on his bed with his laptop, listening to YouTube and organizing a playlist. We started talking. After a while of chit chat we ended up talking about minimalist lifestyles.

I thought I was already leading quite a minimalist lifestyle but the stuff he talked about was just insane.

He had been traveling for the past 8 months, had done couchsurfing or stayed with friends and never paid for accommodation at all. That was his first time to pay for accommodation in the past 8 months. The only money he needed was for food.

When I asked him what he did for a living he said he was in sales. He said he loved his job but couldn’t take it anymore because he was bullshitting people into buying stuff they didn’t really need.

So he decided to quit his job and sold everything he had.

He sold his house, his car, his boat and all of his other stuff.

At 35 years all he owned was in a small backpack. A backpack with three t-shirts, two boxers and two shorts (and a laptop). That’s all he owns now. Every night he washes his clothes (by hand).

And when I asked him how long he wanted to do this he said he didn’t know.

The only thing he knew was that he wanted to see his family more often. His parents and his relatives lived somewhere in the States.

Right before I left he asked me whether or not I wanted one of his t-shirts.

He said he only needed two. I was astonished but I agreed, took his t-shirt and started wearing it (after I washed it of course).

Now every time I wear this t-shirt I have to think about this guy and how simple life can be.

I’m actually wearing his t-shirt right at this very same moment.

And while writing these lines and thinking about it I have to admit that this guy was probably among the most inspiring people I’ve ever met in my entire life…

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Image credit: Flickr

Yann Girard
Yann is an Entrepreneur that has worked on both sides of the table. He has started, advised and supported several startups throughout the world and has lived and worked in China, New York and Germany. He has worked together with several accelerators and incubators in Europe and the US. Yann supported them and their teams in the area of sales, business development, growth and personal branding. He is also a frequent speaker at some of Europe's most renowned entrepreneurship institutions and universities. His work was featured and supported by several entrepreneurship outlets throughout the world. Yann also advises a handful of tech and non-tech startups.

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