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How To Find A Topic For Your Next Blog Post

As you  know, new blog posts are published on Youngsday every Wednesday.  Every Friday or Saturday, I start brainstorming on a blog topic for the upcoming week’s post. It’s sometimes a way too difficult to be creative.  Recently, I’ve categorized different areas I could write posts on to ease the procedure of finding a topic. Here are the categories and a variety of topics for each category.

How-to posts

  1. How to create a cheat sheet
  2. How to write the perfect blog post
  3. How to prototype a mobile app from scratch
  4. How to ask a girl out
  5. How to earn money online
  6. How to get more Twitter followers
  7. How to get more attention on LinkedIn
  8. How to negotiate salary
  9. How to train for a triathlon
  10. How to overcome Monday syndrome
  11. How to become a happier person
  12. How to install WordPress step by step

Infographics – here are some great sources for finding interesting infographics:

  1. Daily Infographic:
  2. Cool Infographics:
  3. Mashable:
  4. Design Taxi:

Review/Recap posts

  1. Review on a Ted video you’ve watched
  2. Recap of a conference you’ve attended or a speaker you’ve listened to
  3. Opinion on a new mobile app, software or a web platform you’ve used
  4. Thoughts on a popular book or movie
  5. Opinion on how technology is affecting your lifestyle
  6. Review of other blogs
  7. Thoughts on a recent world news or crisis

List posts

  1. List of your favorite blogs
  2. List of people to follow on Twitter
  3. List of habits all successful people have in common
  4. List of places you want to visit before you die
  5. List of things writers need to make a living
  6. List of brands using LinkedIn company page features the right way
  7. List of life lessons I’d like to tell my younger self
  8. List of your favorite motivational speakers

Good luck with your next blog post!

Pinar Bilgic
a novice poet who describes herself as an innovative and a creative thinker ; founder of; member of SOGLA (Social Entrepreneurs Young Leaders Academy); almost an entrepreneur

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