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Academics in Turkey

Based on the recent news on the surprising increase in the salaries of academics in Turkey, I decided to gather information about the state of research and publishing in Turkey compared to other countries that are known to be successful in the field.

I tried to consider some of the crucial factors that we may need to consider when comparing the academics in Turkey to those in the world. I was interested in looking at the productivity in Turkey with respect to our economic growth.

This list is in no way comprehensive. It was majorly limited by the lack of availability of information and inconsistency in some of the sources.

I would be interested, for example, to know the % publications that were published in top 10 journals in respective fields, % publications per academics, % patents per academics, …etc..

Still, I think it is useful to consider these factors before forming rigid opinions on the state of academics in Turkey.



USA Japan UK Germany


GDP per capita $15,300 $52,800 $37,100 $37,300 $39,500 $43,100
R&D expenditure (% of GDP) 0.86% 2.79% 3.39% 1.72% 2.92% 1.73%
Researchers in R&D (per million people) 987 3,979 5,158 4,024 4,139 4,563
Publications per year 155,276 3,049,662 771,548 697,763 784,316 784,316
Citations per year 819,071 48,862,100 8,084,145 10,508,202 10,518,133 6,019,195
Citations per paper 5.27 16.02 10.48 15.06 13.41 13.33
% share in publications in all fields 1.62% 26% 7% n/a 7.42% n/a
Yearly professor salary $27,934 net $55,656 net
$73,236 gross
$43,272 net
$61,442 gross
$41,124 net
$59,914 gross
$42,744 net
$73,860 gross
$30,312 net
$48,780 gross


Arın Pamukçu

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