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Human Brain and Love: It’s All Because Of A Congenital Instinct

Thousands of poems and songs written on love… Men killing men for love… People obsessed with love or people dancing for love…

Anthropologists have found evidence of the existence of love in 107 different communities.  Until today, there has been no community without the evidence.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow; there has been and will always be love.  Well then, is the instinct of love actually a need for humans as Plato claims?

Helen Fisher has made a lot of experiments and research on love.  She puts 37 people that claim they are in madly love, into brain MR test.  Out of the 37, 17 are happy about their relationships, 15 are cuckolded or lovelorn, and 5 are still in love despite the 20 years of marriage.

The first group, the 17 lovers, had very active ventral tegmental area (VTA) region which is the part of brain where desire and motivation are triggered.

The second group had two other region active in addition to the VTA: the region where gains and losses are calculated, and the region where latching on to someone is triggered.

Latching on to someone… Tightly… Perhaps even becoming obsessed with someone… While love is an obsession itself, the situation gets worse with the lovelorn.  These people, after being abandoned, start loving and being attached even more.

As a result of the experiments Helen Fisher conducts, she comes up with following argument: Love is a need, an addiction and a homeostatic instability…

Describing what love is through experimentation may sound crazy.  However, I believe that associating love with human biology is probable.  Although there are tens of people around us with similar traits, we fall in love with only “one” among them.  We do not get bored of that “one” even 20 years pass by. The possibility of that “one” leaving us is such an intolerable situation…

We cannot escape from love because this instinct is congenital.  What really matters is to understand and appreciate that “one”…

Pinar Bilgic
a novice poet who describes herself as an innovative and a creative thinker ; founder of; member of SOGLA (Social Entrepreneurs Young Leaders Academy); almost an entrepreneur

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