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Dreaming and Living Beyond Limits

If your life was a novel and you were the author, what sort of a story would you create?

I would prefer a colorful story. A protagonist renewed and differentiated in every new chapter… Dreams, goals and intense emotions in every page…

I love watching TED video and Amy Purdy has been the speaker who has impressed me the most so far.  While possessed with the dream of traveling all around the world, she suddenly finds herself at a hospital room.  She loses her both legs.  (You may now be thinking that her life has somewhat ended.) And a new chapter begins in her life… Amy Purdy turns her so-called “obstacle” into new opportunities which many of us would not even dare to imagine.

Obstacles in life either really stop us or force us to be more creative.  Amy chose the second way for herself.  She begins the journey with dreaming.  Just like a little girl, she imagines herself in the middle of snow at the mountaintop facing her fears… Therefore, the boundaries in her story become the point where the reality ends, and imagination and her new story begins.  Amy Purdy starts snowboarding a grabs a slice of history with the prosthetic legs she creates by herself.

What obstacles do you have (or you think you have) in life? Are you able to see the opportunities in front of you? How often are you dreaming? How broad are you limits?

As long as we are able to dream and see the challenges we face as blessings, we can achieve anything we are dead set on.  A pinch of courage, a pinch of self-confidence and a pinch of imagination… All that we need!

Pinar Bilgic
a novice poet who describes herself as an innovative and a creative thinker ; founder of; member of SOGLA (Social Entrepreneurs Young Leaders Academy); almost an entrepreneur

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