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Tips On How To Cope With Monday Syndrome

Have you ever heard of “Monday syndrome”?  If not, you are lucky! Some people, like me, are facing this fatal disease almost every week.  Its common symptoms are looking at the sky and seeing it as grey even if its extremely sunny, laziness, wanting to sleep more and more, focusing on anything other than work, wishing for Tuesday to come, being grouchy and short tempered, and feeling like you’re extremely useless and life has no meaning… This not a disease of today.  For centuries, from all around the world, people have been the victims of Monday syndrome, yet no one has ever found a cure to overcome it. So pathetic! stuck in bed Still, there are ways to cope with it! Here’s my prescription: 1. Enjoy your weekends, but do not sleep much Most people tend to wake up late during the weekends and on Mondays, the body struggle to adjust itself back to the normal schedule.  In order not to confuse your body, try to wake up latest by 10.00am.  On Saturdays, do not stay at home! Go out, have fun and party!  When you go to the office on Monday, make sure you do not say “I wish I had done this and that.”  On Sundays, especially starting from the afternoon, choose a comfortable spot and relaxing activity.  Finally, bring with you all the joy, happiness and enthusiasm of the weekend to the office. to do list2. First thing Monday morning: Prepare a to-do list It’s 8.00am and you’re at your desk full of stuff that needs to be done. You’ve 50 new mails in your mailbox.  Try to avoid any negative feelings like pessimism or despair.  Take out a pen and paper and list all the tasks you’d like to do on Monday.  Break your tasks into simpler goals and put a reward for each goal.  I usually reward myself with a cup of coffee from Starbucks or a bar of chocolate. 3. Be chic What we wear usually reflects our mood.  Untidy hair, being all in black and an unkempt look would signal that you’re in big despair.  It’s very likely that you’ll see such people around on Mondays.  However, just like your mood affecting your choice of outfit, your outfit can affect your mood. For women, wearing a colored dress and  putting on some make up would bring trigger positive feelings. For men, wearing a light blue shirt and a bright color tie would do a similar effect. 4. Have a plan for Monday evening Humans survive with motivation.  The idea and the hope that something better is going to come… Therefore, if you want your time at the office to pass quickly, have an exciting plan fort he night. For me, going to the cinema with a friend is even exciting enough. 5. Smile If you realize that you have a sullen yourself, just tell yourself that you should smile.  Go the bathroom, look in to the mirror and smile.  It will definitely fulfill you with better feelings. 6. Listen to music Listening to music always help. Of course, I’m not meaning depressive arabesque songs! If you are a victim of Monday syndrome, just give these small tips a try and see what happens 🙂

Pinar Bilgic
a novice poet who describes herself as an innovative and a creative thinker ; founder of; member of SOGLA (Social Entrepreneurs Young Leaders Academy); almost an entrepreneur

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