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How to design a website without a designer

Hello everybody,

Web designers are not going to like this article but I want to share some resources with people who need a designer but cannot afford it or do not have time.

When i was working at Rhino Runner – a social media agency in Turkey, I had the chance to be a part of many web design processes. However sometimes I had to make web designs on my own in both agency projects and my own projects. As I searched on the Internet, I found out about plenty of tools which can meet your design requirements. I have collected them in my bookmarks folder: I had the name after I watched this funny video:

I will share some of them with you:

Everyone knows about Behance. It is an online portfolio website for all designers in the world. There are great works in all creative fields. It’s a good starting point if you make a design from scratch, a true inspiration place. Just search for what you need and see professional examples from professional designers. I’m not suggesting to steal them, just for inspiration:)

This website evaulates the nominee websites and gives daily, monthly and yearly awards. It is another inspiration source for your new design. Check it out before you start.

3. codrops
If you need modern front-end examples, check the articles on codrops. They have beatiful examples applied with the latest technologies and they explain how to integrate it to your web project. They also publish articles about the sector. Subscribe to its newsletter to keep up with the front-end developers around the world.

4. themeforest
Another solution for a web design is setting a free/paid theme as starting point. You can costumize the theme according to your needs. Themeforest is the place for paid website themes. You can find any kind of theme  and it costs a way little money for what you get.

5. codecanyon
Codecanyon provides paid plugins/code pieces in any kind of development. If you have no time to implement, check this one out.

6. online generators
Sometimes you need a specific design for a common task. For example: a facebook cover photo, a simple logotype, a customized qr code, etc. There is a generator for any of them online. Just search for it, you cannot believe the options.

These are just a few places and more can be found if you search  a bit more. I hope they will help you with your ideas and projects. As I said, designers are gonna hate this. I have many designer friends and I cannot respect them more for what they create. However these solutions can be more than enough sometimes especially in “Done is better than perfect” situations. Again, no offence:)

Sabri Şahin Can
23 years old, Project Manager at Rhino Runner Social Media Agency in Turkey

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