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Magic Piano: A Mobile App For Music and Rhythm Lovers

Anyone familiar with games such as Tap Tap Revolution, Guitar Hero or Rock Band?  If yes, then you should definitely try Magic Piano!

Magic Piano by Smule is a mobile gaming app that gives you the sense of playing the piano.  Basically, music notes drop down from the top of the screen.  When they reach the center bar, where the ivories of the piano are supposedly positioned, you have the tap them.  Timing is very significant. You have to make sure you are not too slow or too quick.

As a Tap Tap Revolution addict and having played the piano for almost 7 years, I started the game with full confidence and said “Let’s start with the hard mode”. Oops. A big mistake!  Even if you are a piano master, I advise you to start with the easy mode first where you hit one music note at a time.  In the normal and hard modes, you have to tap multiple notes simultaneously to produce multiple chords.  Playing the piano through a mobile gaming app is a lot more different than playing the real piano.

magic piano

The app exists in both Android & iOS versions and is free; coming with a handful of free songs as well.  You can buy additional songs through in-app purchase by using Magic Piano’s own currency called “Smoola” ($2.99 = 200 Smoola).  The app gives an initial Smoola balance which is just enough for buying 1 or 2 songs.  You can also earn Smoola by fulfilling objectives during the game.

The mobile app has a social sharing feature as well.  Once you are done with playing a song, you can share the composition with your friends via email or by sharing on various social media channels. You can also listen to other players’ performances,  real time, (!!!) from all around the world.

magic piano songbook

So, if you love music and enjoy mobile gaming apps related to music and rhythm, I strongly recommend the app Magic Piano.  It’s a great experience trying to play songs from Coldplay, Mozart, Maroon5, Beethoven, Lady Gaga, Queen and many others.

Here is a demonstration on how the mobile gaming app Magic Piano works:


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