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ZocDoc – Disrupting The Healthcare System

Number of mobile applications that make our lives easier is increasing day by day.  Last minute hotel booking, navigation, day planning, traffic, calorie calculation, real estate and hundreds of other apps provide a great benefit for us.  A significant area where mobile era has started is “healthcare”.  Although not around the whole world, healthcare related apps are quite popular in the US.

ZocDoc, founded in 2007 with a mission of improving access to healthcare, is an online medical care scheduling  service.  Through ZocDoc, you can find and book doctor appointments in 4 simple steps:

1. Enter your zip code, insurance, the date for appointment and the specialty you are looking for.

2. See a list of doctors & their available times.

3. Click to book an appointment.

4. Fill out medical forms in advance (ZocDoc Check-In)

finding a doctor on ZocDoc

finding a doctor on ZocDoc

list of available doctors on ZocDoc

list of available doctors on ZocDoc

making an appointment on ZocDoc

making an appointment on ZocDoc

No spending hours searching for an available doctor! No scheduling months in advance or waiting on hold woth ZocDoc!

Today, the service is used by more than 4 million patients/month across the US.  ZocDoc hold nation’s largest real-time demographic database of available appointments, insurance choices&plans as well as frequency of ilnesses.  Moreover, this database is a unique and signficant asset for the healthcare sector and all related sectors.

The app itself and booking an appointment are both for free. However, the medical personnel need a paid subscription for access.

Here are some important facts about ZocDoc:

1. The service can be used as Android, iOS or web application.

2. The app has English and Spanish versions.

3. In 2011, insurance company Aetna offered to buy ZocDoc for more than $300 million but ZocDoc’s founders walked away.

4. ZocDoc has raised nearly $100 million plus a $55 million convertible note.

5.  Medical personnel pay $300 per month to be listed on ZocDoc.

This is a great business model, and I hope similar services will be available in other countries!

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