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Mobile App Mint: The Practical Way of Personal Finance Management

To save or not to save!  Are you having difficulties managing your own finance? Any trouble keeping track of expenditures? Depression by the end of the month when you see your credit card receipt? If yes, then the mobile app “Mint” is a good way to track your spending and analyze your spending habits.  Mint’s value proposition is “your financial life, all in one place”.  More over, the app  pulls all your financial accounts into one place and helps you track your goals as well as bill due dates.  You can also define reminders to the system for your upcoming payments and get notified via text or email.

For those  who do not like excel documents with numbers and boring graphs all around, Mint is a very good option with its colorful graphs, pie charts and a streamlined categorization model. It’s all very simple, secure and free!

The app is available for free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.   The tool was actually released in 2006 as a web-based service.  The app incorporates only the core functionality of the web-based version.  Foe example, if you want to update your budget or manually add your cash transactions, you need to go on the web.  We could say that the app version is good for getting a snapshot of your cash flow, while the web provides a 360 degrees solution.


Here is how the app works in more detail

–          Within a few minutes, you can set up a new Mint account.  Through the settings, you can set up a pass-code or a PIN.

–          If you already have an account on Mint, you can access it by clicking on “Accounts” and tapping the plus sign.  The log-in credentials for your web account apply for the mobile as well.  Once you sign in, all your data gets synced.

–          The opening screen provides a snapshot of every element available in the app version of Mint

  • Total cash
  • Credit card dept

–          When you click on the “Budgets” heading, you can see your cash flow (how much you have earned or spent) in both amounts and a colored bar graph.   By clicking on the right arrow you get to a screen where you see your income and expenses by categories.

–          The “Alerts” section on the opening page displays alert situations like low balance or credit card bill overdue.

–          Mint provides some advice as well analyzing your spending habits and the other information on your account.

The scope and usability of Mint makes it a convenient personal finance tool.  Although the mobile app doesn’t cover all the features, it’s still a good option especially if you are looking for a practical simple solution.


Pinar Bilgic
a novice poet who describes herself as an innovative and a creative thinker ; founder of; member of SOGLA (Social Entrepreneurs Young Leaders Academy); almost an entrepreneur

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