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Happy 25th Anniversary Batsy!

Well we all have heard about Ben Affleck being the new face of  the upcoming installments of the Warner Brothers’ biggest franchise, right? Comics & movies geeks all around the world, obviously including yours truly, have probably never been more enthusiastic about any other film, because finally ‘World’s Finest’ duo  Batman & Superman will hit the big screens together along with many other DC Comics hits like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and possibly other cool peeps like The Flash and Green Lantern.  Rumors hit the social media today saying that the first footage from now officially titled ‘Batman V Superman – Dawn Of Justice’ (clearly hinting a warm-up story for the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie from the same visionary director Zack Snyder, scheduled to hit the theaters in 2017) will be previewed next month in San Diego Comic-Con, the world’s biggest popular culture convention that is clearly seen as a holy pilgrimage for geeks all over the world. I will be there and try my best to be one of those luckiest who’d have a chance to get in.


First image of Ben Affleck in the Batman suit

Being a hardcore Zack Snyder – Batman – Comics – Superhero movies fan and considering the highly anticipated flick will hit the theaters in May 2016, I feel like I’m gonna be talking about this a lot in the future, so let’s skip it for now because today’s article will be about the first Batman movie which was directed by Tim Burton,  which celebrated its 25th anniversary just yesterday.  Back in 1988, when Warner Brothers announced that they will be releasing a live action Batman movie the hype was so frigging huge that people were even only buying movie tickets to see the first teaser trailer. The result was an enormous success, making it one of the highest grossing films of all times up till then.


Since it was it’s 25th anniversary this week, internet was packed with fun facts and easter eggs about this movie. So I’m not going to write any synopsis or production details, but will just go on with the same concept.  Probably a big majority of you have already seen the movie, maybe more than once,  so enjoy the trivia bomb! (courtesy of the InternetMovieDatabase)

–       Michael Keaton protests : Apparently haters do not only exist in the internet age. When actor Michael Keaton, who was considered a comedian on that time because of the movie Beetlejuice was chosen to portray Bruce Wayne / Batman, nearly 50.000 protest mails were sent to Warner Brothers Studios. The reaction was so immense that the filmmakers quickly came up with a teaser trailer to show the angry and frustrated audience a glimpse of what is to come, and in a way, soothe them.

Here is the first rare teaser trailer, which shows some footage hat are later replaced by other takes :

–       Robin was almost about to be in the movie :  Yeap, the boy wonder. Tim Burton was never keen on the idea to put the loyal sidekick in the movie, however he was about to introduce him on a sequence where Batman was chasing Joker on top of a police horse, when Joker ran into a circus where Flying Graysons were about to perform and killed ma and pa Grayson, leaving Dick Grayson a vengeful orphan. We would later see him suited up at the end of the movie. Sequence was cut off the script, however when the DVD collection released, animatics of the sequence (animated storyboards) were added to the extras with the voices of Kevin Conroy as Batman (Batman’s voice in the animated series), Mark Hammill as Joker (Luke Skywalker on Star Wars trilogy, also Joker in the animated series) and Jason Hillhouse as Robin. Also, for his role, the most powerful candidate was Eddie Murphy, followed by tv series 24 star Kiefer Sutherland.

–       Robin Williams bait : Robin Williams was offered the role of Joker when Jack Nicholson was hesitant about the role (which made him make 60 million dollars due to his percentage share of the gross). He even accepted it, only to find out that it was a bait for Jack Nicholson in order to be persuaded for the role. Robin Williams never accepted any roles in a Batman franchise (he was proposed for the role of Riddler in the 3rd movie) even in any Warner Brothers feature until the studio officially apologized from him. Other suggested names for the Joker role included David Bowie, Tim Curry, James Woods and Willem Dafoe, who portrayed another super villain Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man movie in 2002.

–       Sean Young as Vicky Vale : Batman’s love interest Vicky Vale, portrayed by Kim Bassinger was played by Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner star Sean Young, who hurt her ankle at a horse riding scene in the early filming (that scene then was taken out of the script).  Michelle Pfeiffer who was the Catwoman on the sequel was thought for the role but Michael Keaton thought it’d be too awkward since they were in a relationship back then.

–       King of pop for king of movies : Michael Jackson was asked to make the soundtrack album for the movie but he had to turn it down due to his concert schedules, leaving the spot to Prince (the movie had two soundtrack albums, one by Prince, a pop music album, and one by Danny Elfman including the original scores used in the movies).

–       Who would have worn the cowl : Alec BaldwinJeff BridgesEmilio EstevezMatthew BroderickKevin CostnerTom Cruise,Michael J. FoxHarrison FordRobert Downey Jr.Kevin SpaceyPatrick SwayzeDennis QuaidKurt RussellArnold  SchwarzeneggerMel GibsonCharlie SheenBill Murray,Pierce BrosnanTom SelleckDaniel Day-LewisTom HanksKevin Kline and Bruce Willis were considered for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

See you next youngsday folks, stay geeky!





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