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What makes people click – Psychology in Web

Have you ever thought about why you trust in a website or not? When you read an article on a website what makes you trust it and share the content? Even the decision of reading or not reading the article is a question. What are our basic decision factors on blogs?

I’ve always been interested in human psychology while they are browsing between webpages. Recently I found a book and  there are courses about this subject on and I would like to share my first impression about this subject.

The key factor in trusting a website is its credibility according to psychologists. Here is some key factors contributing to the credibility of a website according to the book Webs of Influence:

Overall credibility – Design is the main factor here. Probably you have heard about colors and what they make us feel. Green – Safety, Red – Energy, Black – Elegance etc. Overall credibility of your website can be provided with the design. If you want your visitors trust in your website, design is the starting point.

Source credibility – If you have references, show them to your users. If you have an award, place it on header. Tell people you are credible and you have been proven.

Collaborate‘Unity is strength… When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved’ – Mattie Stepanek  Collaborating with influencers of your market tells much about your credibility.

Association – Guest blogging and writing about leaders of your industry. Make poeple feel you know your sector well to increase your credibility.

Show you’re legit – .org, .gov, .edu etc makes difference.

Testimonials – Studies show most of the time/ how much we rely on other people’s objective thought about your product.

Framing – Show your most valuable content on your homepage. Ask for articles from experts in your industry and use them to persuade your new visitors.

Vested interests – Today everbody knows about the most basic marketing tecniques. Do not put banners about companies related to you. This way you may irritate your visitors.

You can start with simple steps above and stand out amongst your competitors. Every decision we make is related to our psychology and we can use this science in order to show our quality. But please do not try to cheat people;)


Nahai, N (2013). Webs of Influence The Psychology of Online Persuasion 

Sabri Şahin Can
23 years old, Project Manager at Rhino Runner Social Media Agency in Turkey

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