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Retrospection on College Education

College is over, now what?

This is a question that goes through seniors’ minds after graduation. Even if we have vacation plans or a job, we still wonder what is next for them.

This is because college graduation symbolizes the end of formal education for many of us. It’s different than high school graduation because for most people days of being a students are over. However, the best thing about college education is we can learn from it even after graduation. I finished college three days ago and these are some of the things I learned by reflecting on my college years in these past few days:

1. Be comfortable with uncertainty

This means you need to be open minded to get the best experiences in life. Everything will be more complicated and uncertain after college. There won’t be professors giving you assignments or grading you on your performance. Self-education and setting up goals become essential after college. It’s not easy but you need to be comfortable with uncertainty, try new things, and take lessons from your experiences.

2. Cherish memories but don’t forget to create new ones

Your best years are not over. A different chapter is starting and you have the power to make every year your best year ever. It’s a sign of improvement. College is a place where many meet amazing people, learn from them, and have fun with them. Even if you won’t be physically close to those people, keep in touch and cherish your memories by putting in the extra effort to maintain your college relationships.

That being said, don’t be stuck in college. Life brings a lot of opportunities and you can catch them only if you are aware of them by living in the moment. You won’t be in college your whole life, so don’t let your mind stay there either.

3. Make a difference

One thing I learned from my college education is people have very different interests and aspirations. One’s accomplishments shouldn’t be judged based on others’ expectations. Most importantly, all those who achieved big things are the ones that make a difference in their areas.

If you want to be successful, happy, or if you just want to have a meaning to your life, making a difference is the way to go. There are so many ways to do make a difference but almost all start with embracing your passion and pursuing it.

There is no one answer to the question “now what?” other than saying now is a new beginning for uncertainties, more memories, and a possibility for making a difference. Take lessons and find key advice from your college years and get excited about what is coming after those years!

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The best and most succinct advice from my college life: Be kind. Be safe. Be hard-working. Be thankful. Be a fool (don’t be scared of taking risks). For more life advice:

Gizem Sakallı
Always thirsty for knowledge and innovation, Gizem studied Economics at Cornell University and explored entrepreneurship along the way. After working on RedPencere and heading the organization of 3-Day Startup at Cornell during her college years, she joined Reckitt Benckiser, a company known for its entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, she is rotating in sales and marketing positions as a part of the Graduate Development Program, exploring Charlotte, NC, and proudly sharing her entrepreneurship-related opinions on Youngsday.

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