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Social Content Platform Market in Turkey

In today’s high stress, fast paced world, content is being replaced by efficiency and ease of access. Long business meetings and detailed reports are replaced by elevator pitches, one liners and executive summaries. They are not necessarily excluding important content but condensing them to a level at which easier access to crucial information is essential, thus making them a good fit for people who value their time.

9Gag, Buzfeed and Upworthy are examples of elevator pitches and executive summaries of lengthy blogs regarding entertainment and interesting content. Bigger thumbnails, catchy titles and maximum 7 clicks to interesting content are creating a small footprint, high impact theme that attracts internet users’ attention, excessively. Without even thinking about the richness of the content, a catchy phrase and an interesting thumbnail can serve as a hook to create millions of visits, while an extremely intriguing content can be dismissed due to lack of visuals and tricks.

Lets take a look at some numbers comparing major players in US with the players in the Turkish market.

Site Country Rank Site Value* Monthly Earnings* Visits/Month Pageviews/Month
9Gag US 263 $5,419,498.10 $ 225,812.42 22,641,507 85,584,896
Buzfeed US 124 $ 13,727,978.50 $ 571,999.10 73,282,633 165,618,750
Upworthy US 452 $ 4,046,995.90 $ 168,624.83 27,680,967 46,780,834
Onedio TR 3539 $ 361,758.80 $ 15,073.28 2,452,579 7,946,355
8liste TR 2,437,334 $ 65.70 $ 2.74 932 1,49
lafburada TR 20,642,803 n/a n/a 31 31
*Estimated Traffic and Value Data

As can be seen from the numbers above, currently, Turkish social content platform market is dominated by a single player. After spending time at, I can say that, the company is following the footsteps and recipes of its big brothers in America and by altering subjects to suit the taste of Turkish users, they manage to capture highest share in the market and remain the leader. Considering the fact that many of the Y generation in Turkey was raised with TV commercials and exposed to American culture excessively through various media channels (a much deeper subject regarding how capitalism injects consumerism to developing countries), it is very likely a good idea originated from and functional in US can be capitalized in Turkey as well.

As a verdict, there still remains a high potential in Turkish social content platform market considering the fact that all we read and think about in this country nowadays, are politics and economics which do not have room for humor and fun. I believe an entrepreneurial effort with strong team of editors and creative directors can be successful in this low risk, high gains market and obtain a significant share and create significant profits in Turkey.

Barbaros Serter
Driven by his passion to solve problems and his love of challenges, Barbaros studied Industrial and Operations Engineering program at the University of Michigan. Graduated in 3.5 years from this world's 2nd best IOE program, now he is pursuing his Masters again at the University of Michigan, focusing on International Finance and Business Management. Working in various positions ranging from product development engineer to investment analyst, his passion for challenging complex industrial problems makes him steer towards strategical consulting.

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