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Choosing the ideal path to realize your vision: Decide

Over the last 4-5 weeks, I have been writing mostly about “how”s of public sector analytics. I will stick to the same series for the next 2 3 articles, whereas this time I want to pull you out from analytics discussions and give you some rationale behind the need of analytics, so that you can take a deep breath by staying away from geek discussions for a while.


Throughout the ages, people have been setting visions in order to enjoy their life, to fulfill the purpose of their existence or just to have the satisfaction of an achievement. They imagine the destination they want to be after a certain period of time, and they try to attract more people to reach there. That is why they created different forms of organizations such as states, companies, political groups, NGOs and so on. So now you are probably thinking about the vital reasons of establishing organizations, for instance making money for food, shelter and so on… Yes, that is also true, but irrespective of the way of making money, everyone has a dream that contains a different time, location and a status change, which in this case is most probably a change in the status of wealth).

All these visions come from people’s needs. Need, very intuitively,  has always been the ultimate starting point of taking actions, speaking up and moving on.

“A vision without action is called a daydream; but then again, action without a vision is called a nightmare” Jim Sorensen (an athlete, 1500m champion)


Organizations ease the process of realizing vision by defining certain milestones as bridges. If you have taken management 101, you would definitely know these bridges: operational goals, tactical goals and strategic goals. Although these goals are applicable for both individuals and organizations, they are used in the context of management of big organizations only. And intuitively, there are micro steps scattered between these goals

Now we came to the arising question that takes us to the subject of this article: What is the main enabler that takes us from one micro step into the other throughout these paths? What is the fact that is pushing us continuously from one destination to another?

– Decision making

Needless to say, decisions are the powerful actions that shapes our destiny, the future of us, including the relationship between time, location and status. Our preferences are the main enablers that move or stop us.

When it comes to driving between need and vision, regardless of the type of organization, (be it a company, an NGO or a public sector entity), people encounter three main paths to reach these goals. And these paths are based on the type of decision making. I tried to visualize these paths below:



1. Subjective Path: Judgement driven path

2. Objective Path: Data driven path

Although famous singers tell us to listen to our heart in their songs (subjective path), and scientists tell us to listen to their figures & experiments (objective path), I have a third proposition that meet our subjective and objective needs:

3. Ideal Path: The ideal combination between subjective and objective paths


Why did I call the last path as ideal? What is the extent of subjectivity and objectivity in the ideal combination? These are the questions that I will answer in my next article.


Image source: Flickr

Orkun Basaran

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