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Let’s Play Movie Emoji Pop!

Charade! One of my favorite games! I’m sure you’ve all played charade at least once. For those unfortunate ones who have not yet played it, here is how it works:  It’s basically a word guessing game, where a player acts out the word and the rest of the players try to guess it. The words acted out are usually movie names or book titles.  You are not aloud to speak, sing or make any sounds. The purpose is to use physical language.  At the begining of each round, you are aloud to show, with your fingers, the number of words you are going to explain.  For example, if you are going to explain Titanic, you show the number 1 with your finger.

In today’s world of internet, technology and mobile; the way we’re playing traditional games has changed.  Now, there is a mobile app version for Monopoly, Tabu, Scrabble and any card game. Recently, I have encountered a great app which is the mobile way of playing charade: Movies – Emoji Pop! Both available on iOS and Android, this is a mobile game where you have to guess the movies explained through emojis.  Before, I came across to it, I used to play a similar game that I made up, on Whatsapp, with my friends. More over, I tried to explain movies or series, to my friends, using Whatsapp emojis.

movie emoji pop puzzle


Emoji Pop has 14 levels, where each level has 20 different puzzles. So, there 280 movies to guess!  Like in Candy Crush, its very likely that the number of puzzles will increase in time.  Each puzzle consists of a series of emoji icons. Among 14 letters (or more if the movie name is longer), you have to choose the right letters and come up with the answer. If you are stuck, you can ask for help from your friends, through sharing the puzzle on social media.

movie emoji pop ask for help

The game, today, has around only 30K active monthly users, but I’m sure it’ll get better statistics soon.  If people could compete real-time through the app, the user penetration will definitely increase.  Competing with a real person is always more appealing than competing with an app or a computer.

Here are the download links for the app:

Google Play:

App Store:


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