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Take me back to the start

Taking a retro trip in time, I am going back to my university years, to New York. One of the milestones of my life may very well be my decision to further my university education abroad, since the experience abroad  enhances your vision incredibly if  you are especially aiming for a career in the fashion sector. It is very essential to have an international point of view, to keep up with all the innovations in the fashion sector, following up to date all the fashion weeks.

Thus during my years of study in the Fashion Institute of Technology; working as an intern in the various departments of brands like Burberry, Dolce&Gabana and Ralph Lauren, I had accumulated experience in the management, communications, and marketing of fashion brands. Yet, to tell the truth, living in New York and being in constant observation of the fashion sector was in itself an experience of its own. Surveying the windows of shops, discovering new boutiques, being inspired y the style of the streets…Everyday was an excitement and after a while I realized that I wanted to  share these observations. It was a time where in Turkey “blogs” were newly appearing in the agenda and where in New York “bloggers” were just being invited to the front rows of fashion shows. I too have started to write as an amateur acquiring a BlogSpot address of my own.

I was taking my own photographs, realizing with my own efforts mini interviews and preparing files and portfolios. In a short period of time my blog got huge positive feedback and through the positive comments and support of my followers I have started to spend more time for my blog.

On the other hand, a process of decision making was due for me: School was almost over and I, no matter how much I like living in New York, was missing a lot my family and Istanbul. I was dreaming about a job in my own country where I could both practice what I’ve learned as well as expressing myself. Just then the idea was formed in my mind: Why not make a full time job of blogging which I had so much enjoyed pursuing?

Of course it was a difficult decision; since I was in a way pioneering a concept which was not well established in Turkey and I also was not sure what was exactly in store for me. First I just sat down and designated my goals. Afterwards, I communicated with people who will support me as well as guide me with their own experience. Gradually I have formed a small team and in a short period of time with the unmatched synergy we captured with my team our project reached such a good spot even beyond my dreams.

Today is Turkey’s most followed website in fashion.  Buse Terim social media accounts enjoy such numbers of followers which are way ahead of many influential fashion bloggers abroad. We are realizing cooperation with various different brands and getting positive feedback concerning our output. I am regularly invited  to Paris, New York, London and Milano Fashion Weeks and other high-end international events, thus I am able to share right on spot all the innovations with my followers. I have huge dreams for the future, and endless energy to realize them.

When I consider about the things I have done right, sincerity takes the first place. Starting as of the first piece I wrote in my blog; I have formed a warm relationship with my followers and have responded genuinely to their comments, taking it seriously their positive criticism, researched and prepared files for them concerning the subjects they wondered about. I have never advised any product or brand which I have not personally used or tried and which I will definitely continue to do so.

Secondly, I have never neglected discipline in working. We have prepared weekly work plans with my team, depicting our content of research beforehand, realized our shootings and always did our jobs with the seriousness of any magazine.

Thirdly and maybe most importantly, I have not given up easily. Especially if you are doing business in the digital platform, you have to brace yourselves to criticism which can sometime grow to such dimensions as real attacks by those hiding behind anonymity. I have learned not to give much importance to such criticism, not to waiver from what I know as true and yet I have also learned to take into account positive criticism and suggestions. Maybe the most difficult part of the job is to learn to differentiate between these two; yet, you can be sure it will be much easier once you cross the threshold.


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Buse Terim

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