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I Use Whatsapp Because…

I use Whatsapp because…

…it’s free

… it’s easy to use

…all of my friends are on Whatsapp

…there is no other way i can share photos with my friends this fast and easy

…of the simplicity

…it’s free. Texting has a cost

…it has no ads like some other IM apps and is free

…it is cheaper than texts

…I don’t know. It happened somehow, and now I use it everday. No more SMS

…some of my close friends and family members use it and send me messages through it

…of the group messaging. I’m in around 15 groups in Whatsapp. It’s becoming insane

…it’s expensive to talk to my relatives that live abroad. So, I prefer messaging them through Whatsapp. I used Viber or Skype to call them

…I group message with my friends on Whatsapp

…I don’t pay anything

…I don’t have an SMS package any more. My package only covers voice and internet

…it’s very fast and I love seeing real-time that someone is online or typing

…it’s very common in my network of friends. I use it everyday.

…I have friends in other countries and Whatsapp is a great option to contact them

…I can share location, images and photos with my friends right away through it

…I love it

Above are the reasons of why the 20 people I have interviewed are using Whatsapp.  Here are the profiles of these people:

8 between the ages 15-20, 8 between 21-35 and 4 are above 35

12 female and 8 male

7 students, 10 professionals and 3 housewives

11 iOS, 6 Android and 3 Windows phone users

whatsapp print screen

What seems quite interesting is that a major reason why people use Whatsapp is because “it’s free”, although it’s not.  People are aware that you need internet access to use the app; however, they’re not aware that they actually consume data when using Whatsapp.  Whatsapp is extremely lucky having a consumer group that perceives the service as free.  Such a perception makes it even more difficult for the Telcos to compete with instant messaging apps.

Additionally, “group messaging” feature that differs IM from traditional messaging (SMS) is a significant motivation for using Whatsapp.  This feature fulfils the  needs of real-time chatting in a group and sharing photos or videos with multiple people at once.  I’ve friends in my own network of friends who are included in more than 10 Whatsapp groups and receive messages, regularly, from each.  We’ll soon start reading articles on “Whatsapp addiction”.

Another surprising point is that people are on Whatsapp because all of their friends are there. We already know that Whatsapp has a great penetration globally; however, I feel like in the near future, everyone with a smartphone will be using it.  (We could exclude Korea due to the KakaoTalk domination)

Good luck to the Telcos with their SMS revenues!

Pinar Bilgic
a novice poet who describes herself as an innovative and a creative thinker ; founder of; member of SOGLA (Social Entrepreneurs Young Leaders Academy); almost an entrepreneur

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