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How can governments use technology to ease citizens’ lives? – part 1

The answer – it can ease every aspect of our life, since technology has always been shaped according to our needs. But the major ones are as follows:

aspect 3

In order to help you understand how achievable it is to implement analytics, I will give some examples. There are 12 aspects, but I will cover only 6 of them in this article and I will give you examples for the rest in my next article, in order to keep them short.

1) Public Safety:

Technology serves humanity according to maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Throughout the history, most of the inventions started from the bottom layer and went towards the top. Safety is also one of the main aspects (in the second layer from the bottom) that is and has always been a priority for human existence and it is not surprising to see governments taking action about public safety using analytics.

Here is an example:

Picture1 ju

picture 2 ju

One of the problems about the justice system is that police has the detailed data of crimes whereas judges don’t have. Therefore judges usually have to make decisions subjectively.

Since tools are extremely expensive, Anne Milgram (attorney general of New Jersey) and her team built a tool for the scientific measure of crime risk.

1.5 million cases are collected in US to be able to create scientific measure for risk, and they found that there were 900 hundred risk factors.

Thanks to their efforts, this tool can now predict whether someone who will commit a new crime or an act of violence if they are released or whether someone will come back to the court.

2) Transportation:

After ensuring our own safety, we would all ensure the safety of our commodities, right?


crash 2

This map is a record of incidents in New York City where vehicle drivers have endangered pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers.

It was created for people to report about any crashes or “near-misses” that they witnessed or happened to them, whether recently or in the past.

3) Disaster Recovery:

The idea is, why don’t we utilize the prediction capabilities of technology in order to prevent damages as a result of natural disasters?


disasterIn the flood early warning system, technology provides predictive modeling based on real-time data. With precision flood maps, decision-makers and emergency personnel can make timely evacuation decisions and potentially save more lives.

Data is compiled by the system through an assortment of sources, including a privately hosted gauge-adjusted radar rainfall system, which pulls in rainfall data from the National Weather Service Doppler radar and then adjusts the radar and data based on what a network of 4,883 virtual ground rainfall gauges in the Austin area are recording.

4) Education:

Moving forward in Maslow’s pyramid, you will also notice the education need of humanity, especially for the self actualization step:


In City of Chicago’s Early Learning Portal, residents can find and compare early learning programs side-by-side very easily.

One of the most important pieces is ensuring that parents have access to the information they need to make the choices that are best for their children.

5) Healthcare:


The Chicago Health Atlas is a Web site for displaying aggregate health-related information on a map so that citizens can see the specific health conditions in particular areas and find out how they can improve their health.

For more healthcare related technology, I would definitely recommend Cans articles.

6) Government budget

As we frequently hear in hollywood movies, there are two things that are certain:

1- we are going to die

2 -we pay tax

Well, if we are obligated to pay tax, then governments are obligated to spend it effectively.

tax 1

tax 2

SmartProcure is an online information platform that provides access to federal, state and local government procurement data, with two public-interest purposes

– Enable government agencies to make effective and efficient procurement decisions and save taxpayer dollars.
– Empower businesses to sell more effectively and competitively to government agencies.
The proprietary system provides access to data from more than 50 million purchase orders issued by 1,700 government agencies.
So, wanna code for your country?
tech citizens


Public safety:
Disaster recovery:
Government budget:
Image source: Flickr

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