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Moving on to Sales


If Marketing is romantic and has different perspectives , Sales is the other way around, being very pragmatic and action driven. Today I want to share with you a couple of important tips I’ve learned from two Sales Guru’s that crossed my way.

#1 The importance of tonality

About two years ago, I was at a bookstore and accidentally found a book called The Wolf of Wall Street, it had about 600 pages and after reading the first 20 I was hooked until the last one. After finishing with the book I went and searched about Jordan Belfort – the author, and ended up applying for his Sales Course, where he introduces his sales concept – The Straight Line.

It’s said that when communicating, only 10% is actually related to what you really say, the words you speak,  the remaining 90% concerns body language, vocal tonality if you are on the phone.
During Jordan’s course he reinforces the need of understanding this factor and how beneficial it can be to your sales results if you use it to your favor. Depending on what you are asking, applying different tonalities can lead to extracting more or less information that can help you close the sale.

#2 The importance of No.

When you are selling you hear “No” a lot, and if you deal with something a lot, you need to deal with it the best way you can and maybe having to change your whole mindset about it, so at the end you can increase your sales results.

Until last year I was working at a UK Company based in Dubai, where I had to move to. It could have been a boring 100 year old mid-size manufacturing company, except It had been purchased some years before my arrival by an English Multimillionaire. This English man, made his fortune by selling his first company for half a billion dollars. It was a sales company.

He used to say; “How many No’s do you need to get before you get a Yes”

By understanding this sentence you understand that a No is one step forward towards a Yes. So ask yourself how many No’s do you still need to hear before the Yes.


Pedro Pimentel

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