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What is website migration and what are the pinpoints?

Website migration is simply moving the information stored in a CMS (Content Management System), DAM (Digital Asset Management), DMS (Document Management System) or flat HTML based information into another system.

I always refer content migration as moving your house when your current house gets old and you’re unhappy with the neighborhood.

There comes the question: Should I also buy new furniture while moving the existing ones? Hmm perhaps I can get rid of some of the stuff which I don’t like and work with an interior designer to shape up the living room!

This is indeed an important decision to make. While moving your website into a new living environment, it brings lots of new opportunities to innovate:

– Design
– IT quality
– Content quality
– Marketing perspectives

While doing so, foreseeing potential issues are key in this process. If one process does not put in the correct order, you may find yourself tied up and spending time/effort to undo. My experiences proved that following factors are key to finalize before you start migrating:

– Timestamps for all processes which will take place in migration
– New design/templates before it kisses the content
– IT configurations to have stable review and production environments
– CMS configurations to make it author friendly as possible for the new home of content
– Finalize website sections, page hierarchy, metadata before you migrate content
– Finalize content for those will not be copied, instead will be generated by brand new copy
– Tasks of adjustments by doing some future thinking
– Steps to be taken to decommission your old website

I will elaborate the migration topic in upcoming weeks, cheers!


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Emre Gökalp

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