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Tinder: The Mobile Way Of Finding Love

Looking for love? Have been looking for love since ages? Try mobile love!  It seems like mobile dating apps are revolutionizing relationships.

Today, we live in such a fast-paced mobile world  that you can meet anyone, anywhere, just through your smartphone.  A recent study shows that people, especially singles, are using mobile dating apps more rapidly than any other sort of app.

I want to address one the most popular dating apps: Tinder.

Tinder, the fastest-growing, location-based mobile dating app, was launched in 2013 piloting the dating experience first on a couple of college campuses.  In less than two months, 35 million profile ratings were made on Tinder.  Today, the app is used even by famous people such as Lindsay Lohan. Do not get shocked if you see your neighbours on Tinder.  Around 10% of the guys from my high school are on Tinder!

So, how does Tinder work?  You sign up through Facebook connect.  Then, you pick up to 6 pictures from your Facebook account to appear on your Tinder profile.   The app uses GPS to show you the potential matches that are near you.  From the settings, you can change the distance and the age group you want your matches to be dating app tinder

imagemobile dating app tinder

When a potential match appears on your screen, you swipe to the right if you’re interested in the person and swipe to the left if you’re not interested. If both you and your potential match  swipe right, you can text message each other inside the app.

Tinder also shows the friends you share on Facebook with your match.  Personally, I swipe left right away if we have no friends in common.  At some point, you may get an index finger ache from swiping to the left repeatedly.   Accidentally rejecting a good match is a pretty common trauma since you can’t get the rejections back.  I’ve also experienced this a couple of times.

What do I like about Tinder?

– Only your first name appears on your profile, so it’s kind of mysterious.

– In addition to the mobile dating, it provides a gaming experience.  Personally, I just use it for fun.

– Somehow, a lot of people you know are on Tinder.   A lot of them actually stay away from regular online or mobile dating services, but they are pretty cool with using Tinder.

– It’s completely free and very easy to use.

Tinder claims there are 4 million new matches every day.  Meeting someone on Tinder has just become like meeting someone at a party.  Therefore, do not hesitate to give it a chance!  I’m sure you’ll swip to the right for a couple of times.  Even if not, try it just for some fun!

Pinar Bilgic
a novice poet who describes herself as an innovative and a creative thinker ; founder of; member of SOGLA (Social Entrepreneurs Young Leaders Academy); almost an entrepreneur

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  1. so Tinder’s basically Grinder for straight people? 🙂

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