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The mysterious relationship between Entrepreneurship & Management Consulting


Have you ever met someone who had an industry shift between management consulting and entrepreneurship?

I have met dozens of such people, including myself, in my short career. Usually the direction of the shift is from management consulting towards entrepreneurship. The work-life balance (long & intense working hours) is probably the main factor of the low tenure in management consulting industry (my assumption would be 2, 3 years on average). Also, some people think that start-ups are more attractive with flexible hours, less work (wrong perception-will be elaborated), casual clothing, amazing office concepts and so on. On the other hand, some other people think how cool it is to suit up, go to client side and tell senior level people what they need to do.

Shift Happens

Well, my case was the other way around: I started my career in Rocket Internet (start-up incubator) and then I moved to Peppers & Rogers Group (management consulting firm). Obviously there were lots of reasons for this shift, but the main reason was to have different tastes of these two. Encouragement (or charm) of the “unknown taste” feeling made this shift easier, which would not be in place if I had an external enforcement.

I can proudly say that I was very lucky while pursuing this path, the transition was smooth. Both companies are great and I am very comfortable when saying “I have met with amazing people in both of these firms”. But the most important point is that, I feel very confident about how priceless combining these two industries is. Despite the fact that my adventure does not contain a real entrepreneurship experience, but rather a start-up incubation experience; this inspired me to write an article series about the combination of these two industries.

To keep this article short, I will write down the topics I will follow in my future articles. My plan is to have series of 3 articles, listed as below:

1) Overview of these two industries & similarities, connections and differences

2) Learning curve (yes, the most frequently asked)

3) How these two can be combined to get a better taste of what you do

As a warm-up, I recommend you to read this article until you read my first article.


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Orkun Basaran

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