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Developing Youngsday – WordPress pros and cons

Dear Youngsday followers,  in my first article i will try to explain our infrastructure, the choices we have made while we were developing and the reasons lying under these choices.

1. Is WordPress OK?

When we met first time to decide on the path of development of first version of Youngsday, we decided on the core features so we can publish the websites as soon as possible. As MVP, I suggested to use WordPress with a purchased theme.

We found a suitable theme on which is a modern blog theme to reflect the youth power behind Youngsday.

However, easy installation and ready-to-use themes were not the only reasons in choosing WordPress .

2. Why WordPress ?


Dashboard: We wanted to offer a user-friendly dashboard to our community. I guess some of our authors have already used wordpress and the author dashboard of wordpress is designed as simple as possible. All you need to know is very basic terms of blogging : post, category, tag, featured image etc.

Themes: When we are searching for our current theme, there were hundreds of other options. One can find themes for a WordPress site for any purpose: e-commerce, blog, magazine, portfolio…

Customization: Even if you have no idea about programming, you can still customize your WordPress website. Each theme comes with its own dashboard where you can set colors, alternative page designs, typographic options etc.

Up-to-date: WordPress and its themes are kept up-to-date with easy updates on admin dashboard. Some users are complaining about frequent updates however in my opinion every software needs to be updated in order to keep up with the fast advancements of technology.

SEO: WordPress comes with some built-in SEO tricks: permalinks, images, pingbacks etc. with a few supportive plugins you can make your WordPress website perfectly compatible with search engine bots.

3. Why not WordPress ?

Security: Since WordPress is used widespread and it is an open-source software, it has some security issues. There are plugins and tricks to prevent this type of attacks. However, it might not be easy for people with no experience in programming.

Spam: Since WordPress is so common on the Internet, people developed spam bots to utilize these channels. With comments and form submissions, your website might be spammed. Again plugins in WordPress directory can solve this problem to a certain level.

Speed: In computer science, there is always a trade off. Here flexibility of WordPress comes with an increase in execution time of pages. A cache plugin can help you in this issue.

These are some main subjects when comparing WordPress with other CMS systems. We figured out that WordPress  fits best to our needs and here you have this article on a WordPress based multi-author blog platform.

I appreciate your comments for the future processes, and your help if you want to be a volunteer:)


Sabri Şahin Can
23 years old, Project Manager at Rhino Runner Social Media Agency in Turkey

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