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Web Content Management Players

This week I’m starting to dig the topic: Web Content Management. If you didn’t read my previous entry yet, you may take a quick look here.

Targets are simple in internet presence: get awareness, get success, earn money and make your consumers satisfied. Assume it’s a well-known company, then just replace “get awareness” with “protect awareness” and “get success” with “protect success”.

Just like a sports club, companies have their squad and management to keep up with online competition. Please keep in mind that I’m leaving “sales oriented topics” out of the box at this stage, however everything will go into the same box at some point.

So, hereby I introduce you the first player: The Content Creator.
Content creators are usually experienced people in digital marketing, knowing the company’s culture, language, products/services, aims and strategies. They influence the attitude of content, in light of the brand identity. To avoid conflicts and blurs in consumers’ brand recognition, they need to be very careful and follow the company language. Creating copy, finding visuals, documents, videos are all content creator’s responsibilities.

The second player: Editor/Developer:
Editors/developers are responsible to take what they have been provided with, and display it on the website perfectly.
Key factors are:
– Keeping an eye for mistakes (either from content creator’s side, or editor’s side)
– Creating versions at significant points, to have the option to revert back or recover in case of unexpected issues
– They also watch out for any possible mistakes, and do the quality assurance. So “ctrl+c / ctrl+v” alone is not enough at all. Strong communication skills, detail-oriented eye, foreseeing issues and technical knowledge are key factors to be a good editor/developer. Editors can make a great content decision look bad or the opposite.

Third player is actually another team, secret heroes. IT:
IT team usually makes things happen smoothly. They are like invisible problem-solvers where consumers never see. When you visit a website, even if you see things working fine, never forget that at the same time there might be a crisis being solved by IT team. In content management, IT is regularly needed to:
– Clear server cache (so that everyone in the world see the updates to website at the same time),
– Make routine controls and maintenance,
– Implement back-end content tackles where editor cannot touch to specific sections on the site
– Support editors/developers with huge file deployments/website launches in short notice (Publishing 4000 files with a size of 800 mb in 1 hour)

And here we come to the rule-setter: The administrator:
Administrators are usually decides who gets to access what in  web content management. Experienced editors or IT staff can be a good administrator at the same time. Their main responsibilities are:
– User-management: create/delete/edit user accounts for the content management system (Just like Youngsday authors’ getting access to author-mode of the website some time later)
– Decision of rights: In a web content management system, not all users have the same authorities. Some might have read-only access, some might have super-user access where he/she can unlock files locked by another user, access to all folders, create/delete/update all folders, and so. Those account specific access types are all defined by the authority – administrator.

All for the last player: Consumer
All the other players above work only for the last player. Consumers are who decide if your content management is successful or not. They provide their inputs by their visits, clicks, purchases, time spent on the website, written feedback, loyalty etc. After this point, web content management touches web analytics and digital marketing.

As I say always, it is a big world there on internet where each element is connected to each other like a chain.


Image source: Flickr


Emre Gökalp

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