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One day, all of a sudden, your life may change

The most precious love comes into your life at an unexpected moment.  Diseases darken your door in an instant.  All of a sudden, you loose your job, your house, the one you love… It’s a fluke to win the lottery.

Yes, we can write our own destiny. Yes, if we are aware of our purpose in life, we can take firm steps towards reaching our goals.  Yes, prince charming exists only in fairy tales.  Yes, if we live healthily, the possibility of getting sick is pretty low.  Yes, the more we focus on our work, the more successful we’ll become.

One day, a bomb explodes.  Suddenly, you have no house nor a father.  In fact, you had just got out of work, anxious, to give the great news. You’re having a baby. Your father is gonna become a grandpa!

One day, you go to the stadium to watch a soccer match.  All the fans stand shoulder to shoulder cheering.  Everyone shares the same excitement.  It’s as if your heart skips a beat.  Then comes some consecutive magnificient goals. Yaay!  It’s late. Time to go home.  The cheering continues all along the way.  Aaach! There’s a sudden pain in your stomach.  Hell! You were gonna bare your heart to the girl you love.  You had finalized the preparations.  Goodbye life…

One day, you go to the doctor. Thitherto, your biggest dream is to go around world and discover new things.  Then the doctor tells you that there is a virus in your body, and as a result, your legs will be cut.  That moment it seems as if the time has stopped. However, it turns out that this is not an end, but actually a beginning for you. New life, new dreams, new hopes, new successes…

One day, your manager asks you to come, and she (bitch!) tells you that you’re fired.  You have a wife and 3 children.  What would they eat or drink? How would your family survive? Surrounded by sorrow and anger, you’re almost becoming mad!  You decide to take a break from life and stay home for a month.  Then starts your inner journey.  For the first time, you begin getting to know yourself.  A bit of patience, a bit of passion and a bit of obstinacy… You launch your own small business! As days pass by, your business becomes bread and butter for more and more people.

One day, your darling leaves you.  With lack of experience due to your young age, your whole world comes crashing down around you.  For days or even weeks, you keep yourself captive at home.  Your friends become sick of your untidy manners.  So, they decided to take you out one night.  A very crowded bar… Wait! Who is that?… and yes you meet that one person who is going to make you happy until the end ouf your life.

This is life.  A pinch of destiny, a pinch of dreams and a pinch of plans… Make sure you do not miss the opportunities. It may be your last chance.  If you hate your current job, then leave and look for a new job. If you’re dying to tell someone that you love her, then just say it.  Last but not least, try new things and take risk!

** Inspired by Stacy Kramer.

Stacey Kramer: The best gift I ever survived

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