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EFB: Sales KPIs (short version)

This is the short version of E-commerce sales KPI structure. Instead of describing the relations among some KPIs, I have drawn 2 slides for you this week:

Most of them will look familiar with accounting terms you have heard. In my next article, I will elaborate how you can use these KPIs below:

sales (order) Sales (revenue)


Other KPIs:


Sales growth

Sales volume growth

Sales volume by product

Sales volume by customer

Sales volume in units

Sales volume to potential (market share)

Gross margin percentage

Gross margins

Margin by categories

Level of price discounting

Net profit

Profit contribution

PC as a percentage of sales

Net profit as percentage of sales

Average basket value

Average number of items per basket

This is your tool kit! Although most of them are self explanatory, I will tell how vital these KPIs are for your actions, strategies and your profitability.

If you don’t want to wait until next Youngsday comes, drop your questions to my inbox:


Image source: Flickr

Orkun Basaran


  1. it’s a great summary! happy youngsday too 🙂

  2. cancelled revenue? returned revenue?

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