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Reasons behind Youngsday?

If you ask me what the most essential and useful outcome of internet revolution is, I would say the empowerment of sharing along with the social network improvements. Throughout history, technology have never enabled humanity to share information such an easy way as we have today.

Being co-founders of Youngsday, we couldn’t have missed this opportunity of this age by being insensitive.

Along with the ease of information sharing, web technologies created dozens of paths, to share lifestyles, such as the emerge of social networks in many different types. On the other hand, the acceleration of professional and academic interaction became relatively weak compared to the social network boom. Youngsday is just another outcome of this unfair situation of social network revolution in the sense that it initiates a new channel of sharing professional and academic ideas of youth only.

Despite being beginners in their professional or academic life, young professionals and academicians can have extremely valuable individual experiences in their field. In fact, the confrontation of fresh graduates with the professional life is one of the most interesting moments in their life in terms of the solid form of theory and practice harmony (or conflict).

What solution does Youngsday bring?

We believe that the absence of idea/experience sharing networks among young people from different countries and locations underlies systemic failures in many business, discouraging “beginner” professionals.

Although we are aware of the availability of information and opinions that are related to what we are looking for on the internet (such as personal blogs), we believe that there must be better channels that enable young people to meet their peers around the world and learn new trends, location wise problems & solutions and key points of success and failure from their experiences and perspectives.

What we are trying to do with Youngsday is to get all those opinions and experiences (those that are considered to be valuable assets for our time as well as the future), and gather them into one new channel to deliver easier access to the entire world. We believe that everyone should have fair access to free information about how things evolve or develop in professional and academic life of young people from different companies, different universities, different countries and different nationalities.

To provide more reliable and relevant information, young authors will write for young people in other countries or for other young people who have interest in variety of fields.

What is next?

In order to keep Youngsday alive, sustainable and rich, our initial focus is to make a great effort to expand our author portfolio, which leads to more idea sharing and effective inspiration of readers via more categories. More authors from different countries and nationalities bring more diversified opinions and stories. Although we aim at diversity of ideas, we will never have thousands of authors. Main reason of this is to to keep our author portfolio qualified.

Reaching out the masses around the world is our second focus.

With numerous visitors comes the opportunity to draw attention of masses on NGOs, social enterprises or social projects and to take advantage of it by increasing awareness and by getting donations via website.


One last thing…

If you ask me my personal feelings of Youngsday’s future:

The best thing about Youngsday is that it will always stay young, no matter how old we are, because of the major principle of Youngsday, which is: “Authors of Youngsday have to be between the age of 20-30” (including co-founders). The only wish I can have right now is not to regret setting this rule 5 years from now. 🙂

The second best thing about Youngsday is that after getting older, we will have a chance to see the way we thought when we were young as well as the way new generations think.

The third best thing, it’s up to you…

Happy Youngsdays!


Image source: Flickr


  1. I really appreciate your initiative and looking forward to read more articles!

  2. good job guys! it’s really nice to get the views of young people. maybe you could add a forum where we could discuss some issues mentioned on your blog posts..

  3. Orkun Basaran

    Thanks for the great idea Dieter! We will discuss it in our internal meetings

  4. serdar ertugrul

    how do we become an author?

    • Orkun Basaran

      Hi Serdar,

      Please note that there is “Authors” link on top of the website. There, you will see “Apply to become a Youngsday author” in the dropdown. We are looking forward to processing your application 🙂

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